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Your Life in the balance

Interview with Dr. John Millward MD. Dr Millward commenced practicing as a GP in 1962 and continued for 30 years before opening his own clinic for complementary medicine and allergies in 1995. Dr Millward appears regularly on the radio dealing with all manner of health issues.

“Dr Millward, looking back over that time, what are the most significant factors that you have noticed?”

“Since becoming a GP, I must have treated thousands of people and it is very obvious to me that many of these patients could have avoided sickness if they had improved their diet and paid more attention to their own immune system. Most medical people agree that we should be eating 5 to 7 portions of fruit and vegetables every day, the question is why?

If we understood the reasons behind the statement, we would be more inclined to take action and give ourselves the best chance to defend against the effects of aging. The reason concerns the pH level of our body fluids; or the value given to the level of acidity or alkalinity. pH values are to acid and alkaline what temperatures are to heat and cold.

We feel most comfortable when our body temperature is 98.4 degrees Fahrenheit and it only takes a change of 1 or 2 degrees either way to make us feel unwell. The pH scale of acidic to alkaline is from 0 to 14 and in the middle, 7 is neutral. Very few substances are neutral. Most, including food are either acidic or alkaline.

When our body digests and metabolises food, it forms an ash residue which is either acidic or alkaline, depending upon our diet. Food high in protein is acidic.  If we eat too many foods that form acid ash, our bodies become slightly acidic. It is vital to deal with this in order to keep our bodies feeling well and to combat the effect of aging and chronic disease.

Every living thing has a pH level. Soil for example, if it is too acidic some plants will just not grow in it. It is the same with our bodies which are 2/3rds water; body fluids and blood. The body operates best when the fluids are slightly alkaline at pH 7.4. It only takes a small change and we become slightly acidic with all kinds of symptoms developing which can have serious implications and chronic illness.

Chronic and destructive health problems such as heart disease, asthma, arthritis, diabetes and cancer, labeled ‘The diseases of civilisation’ have as their major cause, nutritional imbalance. Despite medical advances, their incidence has increased by between 6 & 10 times since the beginning of the 20th century as a result of the body being slightly acidic and unable to cope.

It then seems pointless to go to your doctor, have the symptoms treated but still leave the body fluids in a slightly acidic state. The body is quite capable of healing itself but the vitamins it needs, cannot be absorbed unless the body has minerals.These are 2 of the essential building blocks and external symptoms are often signs we are losing the struggle.

We are now seeing illnesses and diseases that were not seen 50 years ago when the diet of our parents was very different than it is today. Now we eat more fast food, meat, chicken, white sliced bread, pasta and sugary fruits. We drink more tea, coffee and alcohol.

Most of us are physically below par because the body fluids are slightly acidic but we don’t realise it because our bodies are constantly fighting a rearguard action to return to the alkaline state.

To remain healthy, our bodies need a daily supply of alkalising minerals to neutralise the residue of acid ash and only once it has been neutralised can it be illiminated from the body.

Unfortunately, we have not really set aside any new land in the UK for growing food in the last 50 years and you simply cannot keep taking minerals out of the soil and expect it to remain rich in mineral content.

As long ago as 1936, the United States was warned in the Senate Document No. 264, that soil was almost totally deficient in the minerals needed for food. Europe is no different except we have less land per person compared with the United States and farm much more intensively.

Aches, pains, fatigue, migraine headaches, morning stiffness, arthritis, heart disease and even the ability to concentrate may well be your body telling you it is under stress. It has become too acidic and if it continues then you will become ill.

As I said earlier, at that time, there is very little point in visiting the doctor, being treated for the symptom and the returning to the self same environment which caused the symptom in the first place.

That would be like treating a sick fish then putting it back in to the contaminated water that caused the sickness. The same thing will occur over and over again”.

“That makes sense to me, but what do you feel we should be doing?”

“Well, if through our normal diet the daily supply of alkalising minerals is insufficient, then our bodies will scavange within and seek out additional mineral sources such as calcium or iron and will steal alkaline salts from our body tissues to neutralise the body fluids.

For example, if our body continues to take calcium and the amount available for bone growth is depleted. You may develop arthritic conditions or osteoporosis, poor nails, lethergy or any other symptoms connected with calcium deficiency. In fact, it is not a calcium deficiency at all but simply the body fluids are too acidic.

Taking calcium supplements may not solve the problem, in fact they may even increase the imbalance. We need a complete balance of minerals and vitamins. We may not be immediately aware of the problems due to the body scavanging. However as we age, the assimulation of minerals by the body drops and there comes a time when the acidity increases and the symptoms become more obvious.

Many people now take vitamin and mineral supplements to try to help provide the much needed alkalising minerals but the problem is getting the content into the body rather than being passed through and straight down the toilet.

Because they are mainly taken in tablet form, there are ingredients used to make those tablets, which the body cannot use. Then as much as 90% often passes straight through the body.

Fortunately, there is another source of these much needed vitamins and minerals, which is available in both a highly effective and an easily digestable form.

Several years ago, colloidal minerals, in other words minerals suspended in a liquid, became available. This helped greatly with getting the minerals into the body.

Then came sub-colloidal and ionised minerals. In other words, minerals that were so small in moleclular size that they were desolved  in the liquid making them much more easily assimulated by the body.

Rather than take individual vitamins and minerals, which can actually increase the imbalance, all the 67 minerals and trace minerals plus vitamins and amino acids the body needs on a daily basis, were then combined.

This liquid became an ideal source for the alkalising minerals required to keep the body in it’s alkaline state without making the liver work to deal with the very high and expensive throughput of unused vitamins and minerals.

So, smaller doses, higher content, completely balanced and with less waste.  Many of my patients have noticed the benfits and if fact over the long term there is no doubt in my mind that everyone would find their body working in a much more harmonious way. By being being in balance, the body is at ease rather than imbalance and dis-ease.”

“But what about the person who believes they are eating a good diet of fruit and vegetables?”

“Unfortunately, as I said earlier, we have to accept that no new land has been set aside to grow our produce and the minerals in the soil have been depleted. Those minerals have not replaced themselves so they are simply not present in the food today.

We would need to go back to the days of my own childhood when garden produce was eaten in season  and indigenous to the area in which we lived. Today, we want fruit and vegetables all year round not just when they are in season.

That means after harvesting, they are stored for future use and transported halfway round the world. It is not uncommon for the so called ‘fresh’ orange to be up to 1 year old by the time it is eaten! It is hardly suprising the vitamin content has long since dissapeared.

The real problem is what happens when we get older. By the time we are 45, if the average person eats a very late meal, their digestive system rebels and they face a restless night sweating and becoming dehydrated. It can take 2 to 3 days to recover.

As we age, the body begins to assimulate less of the vital minerals required to sustain growth and good health. Indeed, it is said that after the age of 60, many people do not assimulate enough new calcium to regrow a lost nail within a year!

So on the one hand, our digestive system is less able to cope and at the same time we are assimulating less minerals and so the vicious circle continues into a downward spiral.

Water helps maintain the alkalinity of the body fluids and prevents them from becoming too acidic.

The body certainly looses performance as we age but there is no reason whatsoever to age as rapidly or to the same degree as we do. Keeping the pH balance at the right level can make a major difference.

 Medical science calculates we should be living to the age of 125! Yet our health is deteriorating and we are dying at an average age of between 70 and 80. Unless we know someone who has died at the age of 125, then no one we know who has died of old age!

So in order to get a long and health life, we need to get the right fuel and keep our body in the correct balance. We certainly need to find the balance as soon as the symptoms become apparent. We will not only live longer, but be in a far better state of physical health.

Linus Pauling was a double Nobel Prize winner and all this can be summed up in his famous words; “Virtually all illness and disease can be attributed to some form of mineral deficiency” and now more than ever, we should take heed of his words.”