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Magnetic Therapy, Magnotherapy for people

Arthritis, back pain, carpal tunnel, fibromyalgia,  insomnia, migraine headaches, poor digestion,  neck problems, poor circulation, palpitations, fatigue, serious heart problems, mental health deterioration, poor concentration etc. etc.

Traditionally, these and many other dis-eases are the most difficult to treat by conventional medical methods. Treatment is directed at the symptoms and not the cause. This is mainly why every year, hundreds of thousands of people like you, seek the help of alternative therapists; to find another route back to health without having to take powerful drugs on a continual basis; to find natural preventative ways to be healthy.

The MagneCare range of products has been designed to help you to combat these difficult dis-eases, naturally and holistically. Remember, your water intake and nutrition are important too. So as a part of this total wellness plan, there are products to help you find a balanced holistic approach.


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