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Introduction to Fast Problem Free Pain Relief with Magnetic Therapy

Quickly, easily and completely helping you to know how Magnetic Therapy can reduce pain & discomfort as well as combating many so called “difficult” diseases of humans and animals.
 *(Also known as Magnotherapy and Magnet Therapy.)

If you are like many people we have spoken to, you want to try magnets for yourself to relieve aches and pains, perhaps brought on by Arthritisback problems, or be suffering such problems as frozen shoulder, gout, insomnia or perhaps migraine headaches. These are just a few of the diseases that can benefit by using Therapy with Magnets.

Maybe you are looking to help a friend, relation or your pet.
You may be unsure about what you need, unsure how to use magnets, or even if there will be any real benefit for you!

Therapy With Magnets can give you a fast, reliable, natural and inexpensive method of pain relief that allows the reduction of pain killing drugs, drugs that may have unpleasant and unwanted side effects.

Therapy With Magnets is the drug free alternative to the relief of pain that is incredibly easy to use and we will help choose what is just right for you. You will get the best personal service, provided by our unrivaled - no fee consultation, which will give you complete peace of mind.

All your questions will be answered in the light of our own experience, in a straightforward and uncomplicated way.  At MagneCare, we have a wealth of experience because, our Therapy With Magnets  products are designed, made and tested by us in the United Kingdom (UK) and have been for several years.

We have supplied most countries in Europe (EEC), and regularly ship to the USA, South America and Australia.

“Completely natural and safe”

Therapy With Magnets is a completely natural therapy. Our biological bodies were evolved in a much stronger magnetic field than we are used to today. Use of magnets as a therapy is completely in-tune with our bodies. There will be no adverse effects, you or your animal, will experience only the benefits.

There are no known side effects, so Therapy With Magnets is perfectly safe - you can rest safe in the knowledge that magnets can be used continuously to treat long term illnesses, without the fear of other problems.

“Clinically proven technique”

The use of magnets to heal the biological body is a clinically proven technique. Rest in the peace of mind provided by scientific and medical research. The results of trials carried out in all parts of the world show some of the highest rates of success for any alternative therapy. (Click here to see the results of a double blind trial of magnetic therapy pads.)

The use of  magnets to relieve pain, has been practiced for over 2000 years. Now, with the benefits of modern materials technology, magnets are able to be made very small, unobtrusive and powerful. Ideal for personal and animal therapy.

Therapy with Magnets is now an accepted mainstream therapy. You can be very confident you will derive some or all of the benefits of using Therapy with Magnets... you will not be wasting money!

“Widest range of biological benefits”

In addition to relieving localised pain, there are many further benefits to using magnets which effect your well-being.

Self healing is stimulated by Therapy with Magnets. This helps the body to keep itself in balance in an entirely natural way and help to reduce reliance on drugs and their worrying side effects.

Increased immunity means your body or that or your pet, will be more able to fight off viruses and bacterial infections.  For you, less of those annoying colds and bouts of ‘flu, leaving your more healthy and more time to enjoy life!

As well as increased immunity for your animal, magnets are anti-parasitic. This is a major bonus for the control of fleas and other parasites.

Anti-inflammatory, and detoxifying - “Therapy with Magnets”  has been recognised world wide to have these benefits due to the effects on the circulation of blood, lymphatic and nervous systems. This is a major contribution to wellness.

Increased mobility... a recently arrived letter from a customer who had purchased a Pet Pad for her Collie - Moses who suffered spinal problems following a slipped disk injury, said:-

    “I would like to mention that his condition has greatly improved since using the MagneCare Pet Pad. He is always lively and more supple on his early morning run after sleeping on the pad overnight. The improvement was noticeable after 3 - 4 days of purchasing the product.”  Sue & Bob,  York.

New information just in - watch this video of a customer’s dog (Approx. 10 mins.)

It works the same way for humans too:-

    "Both my wife and I suffered from arthritis in the hip and knee joints, particularly at night in bed.  Now we experience great relief.  We really missed (our magnetic overlay pad) when we were away on holiday; return of the arthritic pain.” 

      “We were glad to get back to our own bed for the relief!" 
      (Mattress Overlay & Pillows)  Mr. McAllister, East Yorks.

“Help to combat the ‘modern disease’ - stress

The use of Therapy with Magnets whilst you sleep,  can improve the quality and quantity of sleep and make a major contribution to reducing stress related illnesses. It is not always obvious that the restorative power of sleep plays a major part in our health. Sleep helps to harmonise body and mind and maintain a healthy balance.

The lack of the right amount of good sleep can result in the type of illnesses that are difficult to treat by conventional means such as;

  • Insomnia
  • headaches
  • migraine headaches
  • listlessness
  • tiredness and many, many more.

Therapy with Magnets whilst you sleep can reduce the frustrations of having to live with these problems... dramatically increasing the time felt well and energetic. Sally Morris of Southampton wrote to us:-

"Since using magnetic products, I feel a different woman.  I wake up very fresh in the morning.  My back problem and depression completely gone."  (Mattress Overlay & Pillow)

“Incredibly easy to use”

Magnets are incredibly easy to use. You have a choice of ways to use  the therapy and MagneCare will help you choose the best way for you or your animal.

Full freedom of movement will be retained and you won’t have to remember “to do something “. You get the therapy without any hassles, you can get on with your life and your pet too!

Therapy with Magnets is a noninvasive technique, there is nothing to swallow! You have no nagging doubts about putting something that you are unsure of, inside your body or that of your pet.

Furthermore, magnets are not habit forming. You cannot get hooked on magnets! You can stop and start treatment whenever you want. You have full control of when and how often you use Therapy with Magnets.

“Recommended by health care professionals”

Many alternative therapists and veterinary surgeons recommend the use of MagneCare products. These health care professionals are happy to associate their reputations with our products as they are confident they are right for you and your pet. You can speak to them yourself if you have any doubts.

“Your ‘peace of mind’ guarantee”

Our no fee, personal consultation is your peace of mind guarantee that you will get the most appropriate treatment for you or your pet. The consultation will provide you with all the information you need at no cost or obligation.

You do not need any knowledge of magnetic therapy. However, if you want to know more, we will tell you.  You can have complete peace of mind... you will get what you need.

Remember, we have considerable experience of developing and using our own Therapy with Magnets products... we have the expertise to be your consultant.

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