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How does Magnet therapy work?

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Magnetic polarity when used for the body. Click HERE
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In his book “The Calcium Factor”  Robert R. Barefoot proves how important it is to have the body fluids slightly alkaline and tells you how to test yourself so you maintain a proper balance.

(It also proves that calcium is the most important nutrient after oxygen and water because calcium carries the other nutrients into the cells.)

Scientists have discovered that the body fluids of healthy people are alkaline (high pH) whereas the body fluids of sick people are acidic (low pH)

The book discusses the interaction of electrical and magnetic fields and how they are associated with effects on the electro-biochemical reactions of the body, which could change the functioning of the human cell. This can be used beneficially to assist in the regulation of the electro-biochemical reactions.

“One example of this is the use of  magnetic beds that cause the pH of the body fluids to become more alkaline after a few hours of exposure. The magnetic field induces the bonds in bicarbonate molecules to bend, strain, and break producing creating a negative, or alkaline pH hydroxides, thereby extracelluar fluid .

The benefits of this are twofold: first the alkaline fluid is physically capable of absorbing many times more oxygen that the low pH positive fluid, and secondly, raising the pH of the external cellular fluid also raises the potential difference between the external and internal fluids thus allowing the nutrient channel to open more readily.

This latter occurrence allows the cells to function in the more normal alkaline range. The increased oxygen along with the nutritional stimulus has a temporary but healthy purging effect on the body.

In 1990, Dr Ulriche Warnke proved that blood flow and dissolved oxygen in the blood rises within 2 minutes of Magnotherapy being applied to the body.  Since so many ailments naturally improve with increased circulation and a richer supply of oxygen, this may explain why Magnotherapy has such a healing and rejuvenating effect upon the body.”

Biomagnetics, a fundamental therapy for living, not just an alternative!

A magnetic field is at the very foundation of life on this planet.  Millions of years ago when the first signs of life were emerging, the Earth's geomagnetic field was perhaps hundreds of times stronger than it is today.  The bodies that we have today were developed in an environment rich in oxygen, water, nutrients, gravity and magnetism. 

 All of the systems in the body are electromagnetic in nature.  The process of cell division, the very core of the living system, takes place due to magnetic energy.  Unfortunately, the Earth's magnetic field has grown very much weaker in the recent past; over 50% in the last 500 years. 

Our modern living environment, metal framed buildings, steel cars, trains, airplanes, ships all inadvertently add to the problem by shielding us from the natural geomagnetic field.  The natural condition on the surface of the Earth is a negatively charged magnetic environment. 

Positively charged influences; Sun spots, thunderstorms, volcanic eruptions, cause disruption to the balance of the body's systems.  Mental and physical health problems are often more apparent at such times.  Bacteria and viruses are positively charged. 

The application of negative, NORTH POLE magnetic energy can help the body fight off such infections. No claims are made for miracle cures. However, this natural magnetic influence reinforces the body's own defence mechanisms to promote both mental and physical health, fundamentally!

Some Notes on Bio-magnetic Polarity


With respect to the polarity of the Earth's geo-magnetic field, a compass needle will point in the direction shown with the North pole indicating end, N(i) pointing to the magnetic north pole. See picture right showing the Earth.





Likewise, the North (negative) pole of a magnet used for biophysical purposes will attract the North indicating end N(i) of a compass needle as shown.




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This is the Bio-magnetic notation as specified in the Bio-Electric-Magnetics Institute Journal.  The explanation is founded in the laws of magnetism: - opposite poles attract, like poles repel.

The North indicating end of a compass needle (marked i in the diagramme) is actually the south pole of a magnet and is attracted to the north pole of the Earth's field.  In the same manner, a compass needle will point to the north (negative) pole of a biomagnet. Biophysics equates cellular and tissue polarity with the Earth's magnetic poles. The north negative pole is accepted as the healing pole.  The south positive pole can be used, but generally under controlled circumstances or using very weak magnets.

In the industrial and engineering world, the incorrect designation is made.  If a magnet is freely suspended it will align itself with the Earth's magnetic field.  The end or side that faces north is wrongly designated the north pole.  This is despite the known law that "like poles repel".

The simple compass and suspended magnet tests can be used by anyone to confirm the biomagnetic north pole.

All Magnecare products follow the convention as detailed above.


Some Notes on Magnetic Flux Density (gauss)

Gauss is not a number which indicates the strength of a magnet, but it’s flux density.

The flux density of a magnet is dictated by it’s mass, the type and purity of the material and the magnetising current used in manufacture.

MagneCare flux density ratings are all “open circuit” as this is the way magnets are used for   bio-magnetic purposes.  The readings are taken 1mm from the surface of the magnet.

Some manufacturers product specificatons, show gauss measurements for closed circuit conditions and surface measurements, which can be highly misleading as biomagnets are never used in this way.

The magnets used by MagneCare have all been chosen for maximum safe biological effect whilst  balancing convenience and cost.

Please be aware,  if you intend  to use this  for comparison purposes, you need to ensure the measurement methodology and the terminology used, are both the same.

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