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Do magnetic dog collars work?

and how to choose which therapy product is best for your pet
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To answer the first question do magnetic dog collars work? Have a read through some of the testimonials we have received from our customers for our magnetic dog collars. Click the links to go to the page “Magnetic Dog Collar testimonials” or “Magnetic Pet Pads testimonials”

Now look at the video by clicking the ‘play’ arrow. This video was completely unsolicited by us. Mona’s owner shot the video and sent us a copy. In his letter, DY stated Mona had “gone down hill in a dramatic manner in her demeanor” over the previous 5 months. The video shows Mona before the use of a MagneCare Magnetic Dog Collar and again after 6 days and 11 days of use.

DY say in his letter “What is clear to me is that Mona is in herself much brighter and is starting to move more freely. Mona has not had any other treatment or been treated differently [to normal] other than the magnetic dog collar.”


For the second question the guiding principle when choosing the best therapy product for your pet is how active they are.

  • If you pet is quite young and always on the go, we suggest you use a collar. As a result, they will be getting the benefits of the therapy all the time the collar is worn.
  • If your pet is getting on in years and not very active or for Cats, we recommend a Pet Pad. The pad is the most effective magnetic therapy product as the therapy is delivered when the animal is asleep and relaxed.

What is best?

If pain relief for your pet is top priority and money is not your main concern, we recommend the use of both a collar and a pet pad. This methology will deliver the therapy and derive most benefits 24 hours per day.

Microchips in animals
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There is a lot of mis-information around regarding the identity chips used for cats and dogs. This is due to many other sellers of magnetic dog collars not taking the trouble to research the technology!

Animal microchips are "hard coded" which means they cannot be effected by magnetic influences either of an electromagnetic nature(of which the air is full) nor the permanent steady state magnets used in our dog collars.

There MAY possibly be an effect on the READER of magnetic chips and it would be wise to remove the collar just prior to the chip being scanned.

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