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Magnetic Therapy to treat arthritis in dogs and cats and provide general pain relief
”Our Animals Suffer With The Same Aches And Pains As We Humans Do!”

Arthritis in dogsThe use of this powerful magnetic therapy to treat arthritis in dogs and   cats is extremely effective and has been for years. The main attraction for many of our customers is that magnetic therapy is effective and drug free!

Although we discuss arthritis in dogs and cats prominently on this page, that is only because it is a very common condition. Below is a list of other benefits that you may be interested in. Benefits of magnetic collars and pads.

If you are not yet decided if this is the therapy you want to choose for your dog or cat with arthritis, hip dysplasia or any other ongoing health problem, there is information to help you.

We guarantee to refund the price of the product up to 90 days from the date of purchase if you are not satisfied FOR ANY REASON



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Classy, Webbing Magnetic Dog Collars
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 We have either witnessed for ourselves or have been told of, many cats and dogs suffering with health problems such as arthritis, that have turned into bright and mobile animals again, merely by sleeping on one of our magnetic pet beds or by wearing a magnetic collar or harness.

Read on to see what benefits magnetic therapy will bring to your pet friend. You will not find a better gift for them than the gift of feeling well and fully healthy!

Magnetic therapy Benefits for Animals

  • Anti inflammatory - combats arthritic joints

    The magnetic environment provided by our Magnetic Collars, Harnesses and Pet Pads is associated with restoring energy and relaxation.  Magnetic therapy products are anti-inflammatory, helping joints to normalise and swellings to reduce. This is a clinically proven benefit.
  • Enhanced blood circulation - Improved immune system

    Magnetic Collars, Harnesses and Pet Pads  enhance the blood circulation in the body;  more  oxygen and nutrients are taken to the cells of the body and more toxins are removed.  As a result, tired or damaged tissue is revitalised and pain reduced.
  • Anti parasitic

    A further benefit of magnetism is that it is anti-parasitic.  Parasites such as fleas and ear mites are reduced as they cannot tolerate a magnetic field.  You pet will be far happier without the attention of these visitors; less scratching and less risk of infection.
  • Recommended by vets

    Many Vets today recommend the use of magnetic therapy for animals because it is both efficacious and cost effective.  Additionally, you need not worry about how often your pet sleeps on the Pet Pad or wears it’s collaror harness, they are suitable and completely safe for continual use.
  • Our assurance to you

    We make high quality,  British made products for your pet that will be restorative and relaxing, giving brighter pets with more energy, a great contribution to pet health. All MagneCare magnetic therapy products are suitable for continual use or as needed. All products are covered by our 12 month workmanship guarantee PLUS our 90 day unconditional full refund guarantee.



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