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After 22 years helping people heal themselves we have decided to stop selling magnetic products. We have left this page up for reference and we are still willing to answer questions about the use of magnets as a therapy.

Barry Dench. 01 May, 2018

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    ALMAG-01 has been designed to help relieve pain and improve poor circulation associated with many common painful conditions by means of pulsed electromagnetic field. Unique design of ALMAG-01 induction coils ensures PEMF penetration of up to 8 - 10 cm deep into the patient’s tissues, which is the key to recovery. The regular rhythmical travelling PEMF emitted by the device produces a healing effect on the cells of diseased parts of body and stimulates recovery

    Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therepy (PEMF) works to:-

  • Improve oxygenation of the blood and overall circulation
  • Balance blood pressure
  • Promote cellular detoxification and encourage the nutrients uptake
  • Improve the body’s ability to regenerate cells
  • Balance the immune system
  • Accelerate the repair of bones and soft tissue
  • Stimulate RNA and DNA
  • Relax the muscles
  • PEMF devices are medically proven to reduce inflammation & the effects of stress on the body.
  • Indications for use ALMAG-01

    To be used for relief of pain associated with musculoskeletal disorders:
    ankle pain
    bone fractures and traumas
    elbow pain
    hand pain
    hip pain
    joint pain
    knee pain
    lower back pain
    neck and back injuries
    neck pain
    sciatica related pain
    sports traumas and injuries
    tired feet
    upper shoulder tension
    wrist pain


    pyo-inflammatory diseases in the acute phase
    systemic blood diseases
    oncological diseases
    alcohol intoxication
    presence of an implanted pacemaker in the treated area
    * Inclusions of metal elements in bone tissues are not a contraindication for the device usage.

                The complete delivery set includes
                - Medical device ALMAG-01
                - Pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) indicator
                - Elastic medical bandage
                - Operating Manual


    All connections of the individual units are flexible and non-detachable. There are two indicator lights (LEDs) of different colours on the control unit box. The green light indicates that the device is connected to the power line. The yellow LED indicator lights up together with the green one and signals that the magnetic field is in action. The yellow LED is connected to a timer and turns off 18 minutes after start of operation, thus indicating deactivation of the magnetic field.For further use, please unplug the device from the power line and then switch it on again (but at least 10 minutes after shutdown).

    Flashing green indicators in the center of each of the four emitters indicate that the magnetic field is active, and ALMAG is functioning properly.

    ALMAG’s functioning can additionally be checked by applying the PEMF indicator onto the side marked with “N” of each emitter in turn, while the device is powered. Flashing of the green light in the middle of the indicator will confirm the PEMF presence.

    ALMAG should be applied to the skin on the affected area with the side that has no LED light and is marked with the “N” sign.

    Due to the high penetrating ability of ALMAG’s magnetic field, the usage can as well be performed through clothing, dry or damp gauze bandage, or plaster bandage up to 1 cm thick.

    Proper use

    For usage, the person should take a comfortable position in which he/she will remain until the end of the procedure. The emitters are placed along or around the affected zone. ALMAG should be applied to the skin with the side that has no LED light and is marked with the “N” sign.

    The first few sessions should be carried out daily and should take no longer than 10 minutes. Increase the duration of the sessions gradually within 2-3 days until the maximum duration (18 min) is achieved. The procedure causes a warm sensation in the area where the ALMAG emitters are applied. In some chronic cases, a person might experience exacerbation of pain during the first 3 days of the course. The symptoms usually disappear after a few sessions. 

    Perform the procedures twice a day for the first six days.
    Take one day interruption.
    Then repeat the six-day course.
    Once again, one day of interruption and a six-day course.
    The full course lasts 20 days.

    If necessary, repeat the course in 30-40 days, and then in 3-4 months, that is a total of 3-4 courses a year for one body area.

    Due to the deferred effect of exposure to PEMF, improvement can come after 15-20 days of course termination.    

    During these intervals between the courses for one body area, sessions of another body area are possible. Provide a 10-day break before starting a new course.

    PEMF is advised for people from 2 years of age and above.

     The Almag is manufactured and certified to EU standards and carries the CE mark.

    (Beware of cheap items that are illegal in the UK and Europe sold by private individuals. They are not certified to EU standards and do not have instruction manuals in English.)

Almag BD01

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